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Commercials that "Lie"?

Last night I was just doodling on my computer when this really old tune came up in my head. It was from an old commercial back in the 1980s (Feels like forever ago) and if I'm remembering it correctly, I believe it was the first time I recall hearing about the LDS church. Here me out and see if this is correct:

Okay the commercial starts off with this kid coming home from school and he's thinking to lie to his mom about going to hang out with his friends. When he opens the door to his house and steps in, he's in this surreal zone with black backdrops and smoke. Then these mysterious tap dancers come out singing to him about lying. Something like:

When you tell one lie to try and protect you,
Then you tell two lies so folks wont suspect you,
Then you tell three lies and before you nkow it you're up to your ears...

The tune is Catchy!! O_o; And then as all these dancers surround the kid and do their jig he runs through the door and ends up in the house where mom greets him. The kid bursts into tears and runs up and tells her the whole truth about what he was going to lie about and asks for forgiveness. The mom is like "Well that's nice to tell me the truth... are you alright?" 'Cause the kid is pretty traumatized by now.

I have to be honest and say that commercial sure scared me into being truthful with my parents. :) I'm pretty sure it was an LDS commercial, but being over 20 years ago no one I know recalls it. Just a memory in my head and even though I didn't join the LDS church till college, I have to say it was a positive influencial commercial. I don't see many cool PSAs like that now-a-days from anyone but the LDS church.
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