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It's about time for a post!

This is actually just a question:

What do you all think about the new "Next Gen" Console systems? (AKA XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution)

Just thought I would generate some geeky chat. (:

Personally, I am not terribly impressed with the XBOX 360. The 'threats' of no backwards compatibility irks me. And I dunno...XBOX is one of my lesser favorite systems anyways. Mayhaps my opinion will change with time, and learning more about it.

PS3, I am excited for. I really enjoy my PS2, and the variety of games, and of course, Sony is smart in making it backwards compatible with PS1 and 2 games. One downside though is the controller looks like something you would find on Batman's utility belt. It's dumb.

Nintendo Revolution - LOVE the idea of being able to download classic NES, SNES, and 64 games. Yay! And it's the size of 3 DVD cases, and its backwards compatible with Gamecube. However, I still don't know a lot about this one. Or PS3 as a matter of fact. So these, of course, are just 'kneejerk' reactions if you will.

One thing I am looking forward to with all 3 systems is all the..."wireless-ness" I guess you could say. We have the Wavebird controllers for Gamecube, and I absolutely love it!

Anyways...that's my 2 cents for now. Now leave some opinions!
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