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It's about time for a post!

This is actually just a question:

What do you all think about the new "Next Gen" Console systems? (AKA XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution)

Just thought I would generate some geeky chat. (:

Personally, I am not terribly impressed with the XBOX 360. The 'threats' of no backwards compatibility irks me. And I dunno...XBOX is one of my lesser favorite systems anyways. Mayhaps my opinion will change with time, and learning more about it.

PS3, I am excited for. I really enjoy my PS2, and the variety of games, and of course, Sony is smart in making it backwards compatible with PS1 and 2 games. One downside though is the controller looks like something you would find on Batman's utility belt. It's dumb.

Nintendo Revolution - LOVE the idea of being able to download classic NES, SNES, and 64 games. Yay! And it's the size of 3 DVD cases, and its backwards compatible with Gamecube. However, I still don't know a lot about this one. Or PS3 as a matter of fact. So these, of course, are just 'kneejerk' reactions if you will.

One thing I am looking forward to with all 3 systems is all the..."wireless-ness" I guess you could say. We have the Wavebird controllers for Gamecube, and I absolutely love it!

Anyways...that's my 2 cents for now. Now leave some opinions!
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Something tells me, that much like the other systems, its not the hardware thats gonna get me to buy one of the systems. Chances are the right games are what are gonna do it for me. But regardless, I really don't want an XBox....never have never will.

So I might want a Revolution if a really good Sonic game comes out on it...*pokes Sonic Team*
ya, I learned long ago not to put much weight on peoples opinions on which system is better, if they only owned one. It's the folks that have (or at least have had,) various systems that I actualy pay attention to.

As for me (yup got em, or have had em all,) I like X-boxes online capabilities WAY better than what the other two leaders out have. PSX continues to get the best Developers putting out STELLAR hits in mass numbers. In addition, the PSX seems to continualy domintate the RPG (looking at both quantity and quality here,) genre. Thats one Genre' that I really care about.

oh, and when X-box does have a hit, it's slightly better processing power, and grafix out put abbilities, allow developers to really push the envelope and there are a few games that are just down right WAY better on the X-box release as compared to the PSX2 version. (yet I'm not aware of any that go the other way...)

Bottom line though, I give the final nod to X-box for their online support... however if it wasn't for that, I'd most likely recomend PSX2 to most consumers. So if your crazy enough not to have online play in your console playing plans, then PSX2 probably has the best selection of games to choose from. But if you like playing with your friends, LAN parties, or the social aspect of the internet, then X-box is the way to go.

That's my 'as it stands now' view.

As for the upcoming 'next gen' wars... I'm not sure, but for the preliminary vote, I'd say that if your looking purely for a console that plays cool video games, that PSX3 is again your best bet.

Xbox360 looks to me like it's going to be trying to set you up with a full media center box... Tivo like abilities, and really hitting it hard with the online feature set again. I'm getting pretty excited about the possiblities of the x-box360... I really want to see what the mod community will do with it. I just absolutly love my modded x-box. (I use it to stream music, weather, store and veiw Photo's, back up games, and a bazziloin other things including FTP server, and internet communication tool including IRC, Voice chat, and news.