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Hey, howdy! I finally found a community that I can relate to. I haven't used LJ for a long time, but it's nice to find a place where I think I belong. It surprised me when I found this because I've searched for communities under "Video Games" over and over and I must've skipped over this numerous times.

Anyway, a little about myself. My name is Rick, I'm 21, male, live in Lynnwood, Washington (just above Seattle), I'm married but separated and I have a 3 y/o son. I'm semi-active but trying to go more often. I'm really heavy into video games, Star Wars and computer tech. My favorite system is the Super Nintendo, my favorite game is Zelda: A link to the Past. I love all systems but I'm a Nintendo fanboy at heart. I'm currently playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Doom 3 (LE)(XBox),Halo 2 (XBox Live) and a few others I can't think of right now. Contrary to those games I just listed, I'm not much of an FPS fan. Those 3 series are pretty much the only ones I like.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it. I hope I get to know you guys well!
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